New piece

Here’s a new piece just completed. This is “Penn Cove”. 24 x 72 oil on canvas. A nice quiet winter scene from the Pacific Northwest.

Penn Cove 24 x 72 oil on canvas $5,800


Don’t forget! The holiday print sale continues through New Years Eve!

Find all the details at the “Print Shop” feature on the website.

Holiday Print Sale

Happy Holidays!

From November 25th to New Years Eve I’ll be reducing the prices on select limited edition prints. These signed and numbered, canvas wrap, giclee prints are limited to editions of 100 and come with a certificate of authenticity. Below you’ll see the prints that I have on offer together with their original and reduced prices.

If you would like to place an order or would like more information please contact me at 206 579 3211 or at Alternatively you can order directly through my website by following this link . If you need shipping please contact me directly to find out if additional costs will apply.

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Thanks and have a fabulous festive season!

silver mist 30x30 oil on canvas $3,550

“Silver Mist” 30×30 canvas wrap print. $750  $500



winter birch 36x36 acrylic on canvas $3550

“Winter Birch” 36×36 canvas wrap print $950  $630



old barn sunset 40x30 oil on canvas 3,450

“Old Barn Sunset” 24×30 canvas wrap print $650  $430



Jack's pass 30x30 oil on canvas 2,950

“Jack’s Pass” 30×30 canvas wrap print $750  $500



silent light 40x40 acrylic on canvas

“Silent Light”38×38 canvas wrap print $975  $650



sweep 12x24 oil on canvas $1,450

“Sweep” 12×24 canvas wrap print $400  $265

Inspired by William Keith

This week I was proud to put the finishing touches on a large-scale mural inspired by 19th century American landscape painter William Keith. Set in what is to shortly become the tasting room of No. 6 Cider on Elliott Ave W., Seattle, the mural measures 33′ x 13′. The landscape is altered to reflect the area in California where the business is located. Eventually a back bar will be installed centrally against the back wall to a height and width of about 6′ so only a small portion of the mural will get covered up.

It was a real treat to paint this. One of my favorite styles.


Christmas Commissions!

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner again. If you’d like to order a commissioned piece of art this year, now’s the time to start the discussion! With about 8 weeks left it’s good to get the ideas and the paint flowing to allow enough time for drying and framing.

Whether you have a specific idea or not, I can help you figure out size/medium and cost and have your unique gift ready for you by Christmas morning.

silent light 40x40 acrylic on canvas

Edmonds Art Studio Tour

It’s time for the  Edmonds Art Studio Tour once again. I swear it feels like 6 months since the last one!! The tour is open Saturday and Sunday September 20th/21st from 10am to 5pm. The tour map and information on all the studios can be found by visiting the tour website at

Our studio is #20 and it’ll be filled with original art, giclee prints and work in progress. For the tour weekend only, we will be offering 10% of all original art in the studio. A limited amount of giclees will be on display and order forms will be available for those who wish to order additional prints. We’ll also have refreshments and (if the weather’s kind) somewhere to sit and relax outside in the garden.

Below are some of the original paintings which will be on display and prints available for order. All giclee prints are gallery wrap and are strictly limited editions of 100, each signed and numbered. Please contact me directly if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you all!

Original art:

Trinity Rising 5'x14' Midnight at noon, 22x28 oil on canvas $2700 salt creek vista 28x22 oil on canvas $2700

sweep 12x24 oil on canvas $1,450 san juan sunset 24x36 oil on canvas

new light 24x30 oil on canvas 2,350

cloud 40x30 oil on canvas

morning mist 24x36 oil on canvas 3,250


evening at Lyons Ferry acrylic on canvas 24x18 flooded field acrylic on canvas 48in x 36in

highforcea flier4

evening blues 24x30 oil on canvas 2,350 morning shroud, 36x24 oil on canvas $3,250 copy

Saanich 72x36 oil on canvas $6,850

winter birch 36x36 acrylic on canvas $3550



sweep 12x24 oil on canvas $1,450 old barn sunset 40x30 oil on canvas 3,450

morning blues 20x16 oil on canvas 1,450

Jack's pass 30x30 oil on canvas 2,950  calm 22x28 oil on canvas 2,150

barnstorm 30x40 oil on canvas 3,450

convergence 20x60 oil on canvas

silent light 40x40 acrylic on canvas winter birch 36x36 acrylic on canvas $3550

Capitol Hill Restoration

Restoration work can be very rewarding. Taking something which has obviously been abused or neglected and successfully bringing it back to it’s original state feels very good. Below are some before/during and after shots of some old murals in the Sheffield Condominiums building on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

In the picture below you can see the patches left after all the loose paint was removed from this mural. Moisture damage had caused the adhesion of the paint to fail in some areas. The following shot shows the completed repairs.

IMG_9184 s2


The big “smudge” seen in the mural below is the result of a poorly executed repair from some point in the past. A little color adjustment took care of the problem.



The following mural was by far the most abused. Someone had actually punched three holes in the wall (obviously not a fan of English Landscape painting). After filling the holes, the plaster was textured using the tip of a brush to match the texture of the existing wall and then the details were repainted.

IMG_8873s6  s8

More than a “Pet” Portrait

Albert was a great friend and a great companion. He was loyal, never asked for more than his lot and gave nothing but unconditional love to his family. To my good friend in the UK, Albert was not a pet. He was a member of the family, and he is and will continue to be missed, achingly.

Here’s the painting I did of Albert for my friend. I’m honored to have had the opportunity.

albert copy