It’s Show Time!!!

….in more ways than one!

Thursday February 16th my new show “Breathe” opens at Cole Gallery in downtown Edmonds. I’ll be there from 5-8 so if you’re in the area please stop in and say hi! You can preview the whole show on my fine art website

And the on Saturday February 18th the Seattle Home Show opens at Century Link in Seattle. We’re in booth 1432 again and will have some new pieces on display. We also have a brand new website up at Check it out and let me know what you think!

The year is off to a busy start which is great! There’s some exciting new projects coming up and I’ll get back to posting more frequent blogs, I’ve been a little remiss of late.

I look forward to receiving feedback as we go along so please feel free to message me or email me directly at

Bye for now!


Holiday Print Sale

Welcome to the holiday season!!

Through the end of December I’m offering a 33% price reduction on two of my most popular winter scenes. Both pieces are square format and are available on stretched canvas or watercolor paper in the following sizes/prices for the month of December only. If you need the print to be shipped there may be an additional charge.

Please contact me at with any questions or if you would like to place an order.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

silent light 40x40 acrylic on canvas

“Silent Light”


winter birch 36x36 acrylic on canvas $3550

“Winter Birch”


12 x 12   on watercolor paper $45     on stretched canvas $155

20 x 20 on watercolor paper $175   on stretched canvas $375

30 x 30  on watercolor paper $270   on stretched canvas $495

36 x 36 on watercolor paper $390    on stretched canvas $650


Commissioning a commission…

As a full time working artist I wear a several hats. I am a small business owner who paints murals, a fine artist and a teacher.

Another hat is that of a commissioned artist. Painting commissions somewhat combines the other hats. It is a fine art piece, into which I put my own interpretation and style, but it is also driven by the desires of a client. Be it a favorite view, a certain mood etc, the initial inspiration comes from someone else, not me. In this way a commission is similar to a mural project in that it is a designed piece, meeting the requirements of a client. It differs however in its execution, normally painted in oil on canvas with additional input from me. When a client requests a painting they want me to do it in my way, they commission the piece because they like my “style”. Whereas a mural could be painted in any number of different styles to suit the design brief.

There is also some education involved as the commissioner will often need to be taught how the process works and how a painting progresses. They will often be involved in the initial design stages so that they can be sure the idea I am working on is the one they have in mind.

Sometimes the client will have something very specific in mind, a specific scene or event perhaps that they want to capture. Other times they may have liked a previous painting which is no longer available or perhaps is too large for their home and they would like something similar. Either way, an initial image is presented to make sure everyone is on the same page.

The price of the commission will typically be the same as any other of my paintings of the same size, plus 15%-20% to cover additional design time.

The project should be fun and rewarding for everyone involved. From the first meeting to the delivery of the painting I try to make it a relaxed and enjoyable process. To talk about a commission you have in mind or to see the complete collection of currently available paintings please visit

Below is a selection of  commissions from the last few years.

albert copy

“Albert” Oil on Canvas

luke's pass

“Luke’s Pass” Oil on canvas

rainier meadowb

“Rainier Meadow” oil on canvas


“Shuksan” Oil on canvas

Sunrise at Tipsoo two, 24x 18 oil on canvas 1,700

“Tipsoo Sunrise II” Oil on canvas


“Dabob Bay” Oil on canvas

A Busy Month!

It sure is! High school starts for my son this week. A BIG change and one which is met with excitement and I’m sure, a little trepidation. Going from a school of 250 to one of 1,200 is going to take some getting used to. We wish him every success and the best of luck in the adjustments which will come along.

It’s a busy month for art too! On September 17th my new show “Afterglow” opens at Cole Gallery in Edmonds WA. The reception is from 5-8 pm and everyone is welcome. The show will feature 10 new pieces based loosely on a study of lighting effects in nature, from brilliant contrasts to misty sea vistas. Several of these pieces are VERY LARGE! Later in this post I’ll show 9 of the 10 paintings which will be on display, the 10th is not yet finished.

Then on the weekend of September 19th and 20th it’s the 10th annual Edmonds Art Studio Tour. We’ll be open for visitors in our new location on 6th Avenue S in Edmonds. All the details can be found by visiting the tour website We’ll have the walls full of art, some paintings on the go and coffee and treats for all. Please stop by, rain or shine and say hello.

It’s been a glorious summer and as the days start to cool off just a bit it presents a whole new series of artistic possibilities. Long shadows, golden colors, a crispness to the light. Every season is filled with paintings yet to be painted. Here’s to a fabulous fall!

brewing over lowel 30x30 oil on canvas $3,650 cary

“Brewing over Lowell” 30×30 oil on canvas.
Returning to one of my favorite local areas east of Lowell, this cloud towering over the fields was magnificent.


Niarada 72x36 oil on canvas $6,950
“Niarada” 36 x 72 oil on canvas
This is the name of a “town” in Montana, just west of Flathead lake. There is really nothing there but a farm or two. The massiveness of the hillside in the back dwarfing the farmhouse in the foreground was irresistible. The lighting was perfect too, casting the hillside in shadow and the farm and field in brilliant sunlight so that though tiny by comparison, its presence was a perfect balance to the huge blue/red/green mass behind it.
heavy cloud no rain 48x30 oil on canvas $5,700 cary
“Heavy Cloud No Rain” oil on canvas 48 x 30
Back into the Skagit valley for this piece. I love the way the sky seems to hug the ground in this part of the region. The clouds often feel close enough to touch. This reminds me very much of the UK and the area I grew up in. I think this is why I’m drawn back over and over. It’s a new painting every day in the valley.
Change in the Weather-Hood Canal 24x72 oil on canvas $5,950
“Change in the Weather-Hood Canal” 24 x 72 oil on canvas.
Watching from the edge of Hood Canal in Dosewallips, WA this fabulous weather front combined with the flat landscape of the estuary lent itself perfectly to a panoramic composition. The long canvas accentuates the feeling of openness and exposure to the approaching rainstorm.
leave the light on 30x30 oil on canvas $3,650
“Leave the light on” 30 x 30 oil on canvas.
This little house in Roslyn WA was mesmerizing for it’s simplicity. Basic, worn and welcoming. The light on the porch is an invitation to come inside and kick off your boots. Maybe there’s soup on the stove or a glass of lemonade on the back deck to watch the last light of day. I love the light in the sky at this time of the evening. This is what the show “Afterglow” is named for. After sunset there is a magical transition of color in the sky and the landscape is lit by an ambient light.
salt creek mist 48x72 oil on canvas $7,450
“Salt Creek Mist” 48 x 72 oil on canvas.
A fascinating location, Salt Creek County Park is on the north coast of the Kitsap Peninsular just west of Port Angeles. An earlier painting of this location (Salt Creek Vista) used heavy contrasts of light and dark to capture the drama of the landscape. In this painting the scene is cast in a very different way. Barely visible through the mist, the distant landscape and the water disappear into the mist filled air. The unusual warmth of the early morning light reduces the pallet of the background almost to monochrome.  I love these experiences. I am far more intrigued by a landscape which is barely visible and full of mood than one where everything is clear and obvious. It leaves so much more to the imagination and the possibilities of the things you can’t see are endless.
Skagit Silver 30 x 48 oil on canvas $5,200
“Skagit Silver” 48 x 30 oil on canvas.
The Skagit Valley in deep winter at the end of the day. The snow is light but the sky is full.
while the sun shines 30x40 oil on canvas $3,950
“While the Sun Shines” 30 x 40
Our long hot summer left our fields golden brown. This beautiful barn on Fox Island stands proud and brilliant against an endless blue sky. While the clouds gather, we all know it’s not going to rain. Not this year.
Friday morning light.jpg 18x24 oil on canvas $2,300
“Friday Morning Light” 18 x 24 oil on canvas.
Viewed on my way up Pine St early one Friday morning, just as the traffic guy on the radio stated that the commute was “Friday morning lite”


Ivers Pier - 1912 South Photo - Mural Text Study



One of the biggest projects of the year so far has been the newly refurbished Ivar’s Restaurant on the waterfront in Seattle. During the renovation they discovered the sign of the company which had occupied Pier 54 before 1915, before the building was expanded and the sign covered up. The old sign was in disrepair and had to be encapsulated so they asked me to replicate the sign to look like it had been there for a 100 years. The term is “Pentimento”. The sign is about 160 feet long. The original sign read Galbraith – Bacon & Co. as you can see in the photo of the building from 1912

A great day for painting sales!

I’m proud to announce that Cole Gallery just sold four of my paintings to The Puget Sound Blood Center. Thank you Denise Cole at Cole Gallery for making it happen!

Saanich 72x36 oil on canvas $6,850



east of Estes 24x30 oil on canvas 2,250

East of Estes



High Force


a perfect edmonds evening 30x24 oil on canvas $2,250


Perfect Edmonds Evening