Mount Baker Sunset

Today I finished a new commission.  A 10′ long stretched canvas painting of Mount Baker from the San Juan Islands. The painting was commissioned by a gentleman who recently sold his boat and wanted to capture his and his friend’s boats in a calm evening scene. The boats are depicted at anchor with one heading out in the background.

Mount Baker is painted larger than life in order to create a sense of grandeur and to cast a golden backdrop to the painting.


A canvas of this scale can be a great alternative to a wall mural for many reasons, not least of which that you can take it with you if you leave. The cost of such a piece can be slightly more expensive due to materials and construction time but is often the preferred choice for convenience and for future mobility.

In the studio I am able to paint canvases to a maximum of 8’6″ x 16′ but can also build and stretch on site for situations where an even larger painting is required.

If anyone witnessed the amazing sunset we had on Thursday night last week you will have seen a much smaller Mt. Baker to the north glowing gold on the horizon.

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