Wine Rooms.

 Most of us have an unused corner in the house, whether It’s the basement or a closet or just an alcove stuffed with suitcases and boxes of forgotten stuff. One fun way to deal with such a space to turn it into your own wine cabinet, wine tasting room or cigar lounge. Often these spaces are very small indeed and are filled with junk. Once cleared out however, they begin to pop with possibilities. But even with the wine racks, the tables and the mood lighting the room is often still just a cramped corner and needs a little embellishment.

Here are a few ideas which proved effective at increasing the sense of space and interest where once was the unused, carpeted cat tree and the 8 boxes of tax receipts from the 1970’s.


In the above picture, the texture of a concrete basement wall helps the patina of a painted, Parisian wine poster. The client has an Eifel Tower made from wine corks which will sit in front of the left hand portion of the mural. This space cannot be accessed from inside the house and involves a treck around the green and wooded exterior, only enhancing the magical sense of discovery of the hidden wine cave.

From just beyond the lamp on the left this room is an illusion. With a ceiling height of only 7’6″ this room felt very confined before the mural was painted.

IMG_5660 IMG_5659  IMG_5662 copy IMG_5657

Above you can see the square, vaulted ceiling of a basement wine room. The vaulting was achieved by using steel mesh and plaster and the beautifully smooth result helps with the sense of height, created by the sunlit sky. 

Once a shooting gallery in the basement of this client’s home, this room was about 4 feet wide and 50 feet long. With a perspective like that why not add another 150!

trompe l'oeil wine cellar 8x7.5 2012

This room ends halfway through the wine cabinets. The acid stained floor visually flows into the wall greatly expanding the sense of space. This room is about 8′ wide and 7’6″ tall.

A scenic addition to a serving counter.

On a much larger scale, this mural in a restaurant in CT is about 12′ high. Everything you see, including all of the brick and the light fixtures is painted. Below are some close up details of the mural.


And at the other end of the spectrum. This alcove became a tastefully outfitted wine storage space complete with mood lighting and paintings of the client’s favorite wines.

IMG_7234 IMG_7231

Take a look around your own place. I’m sure there’s a spot full of bags and boxes you could be having much more fun with!

To see more examples of rooms like this and other murals please visit my website

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