A fitting mural for fall.

Last week I had the pleasure of revisiting the Orting Valley. If you haven’t made it down that way I recommend it, especially this time of year as the colors begin to change and the clouds seem to get a little lower. It’s a beautiful part of the area with views of Rainier and barns and meadows scattering the misty valley floor.

I was painting a mural in a stairwell it a lovely home overlooking the valley. The home is filled with rich dark wood moldings and warm fall-like colors. The broad staircase doubles back on itself and is nicely framed with dark wood above and below, making the perfect frame for art.

The design for the mural drew on the existing colors of the space and stayed within the rich golden tans and browns. The image depicts the valley floor below complete with a windswept sky which occupies the majority of the scene. From certain viewpoints, the sky is all you see and it takes on rather a dramatic abstract appearance, while when climbing up from below, you cast your eyes skywards at the racing clouds.

This was a huge amount of fun to paint and I appreciate the opportunity to do it. I love painting in monotone and to combine it with a cloudscape is a double pleasure. 





Thanks Jacque! Have a wonderful fall everyone.

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