Home Theater Theatrics

I spent the last couple of weeks indulging myself in Bierstadt!

Albert Bierstadt is one of my favorite artists, his dramatic interpretations of the American West of the 19th century are truly breathtaking. So when the opportunity arose to incorporate some of his paintings into a room of murals I could not resist.

Over the last few years Bob and Kim have allowed me to embellish several rooms of their home in Kent. Bob is a country music singer and local businessman and has brought the country theme into the home through some of my mural work.

It began with a northwest landscape and a sepia mountain scene.



After the home was expanded, I was called back to customize the bar room  with a western theme, complete with saloon, alley of stores and sunrise landscape.


b3 b4

I was delighted when he called me back to discuss his new theater room. Several ideas were proposed, including a reproduction of the birdcage theater in Tombstone Arizona, and a gallery design which included several Bierstadt paintings. In the end it was decided that the Bierstadt work should be the sole attraction and that it should cover all the wall spaces and ceiling. We settled on three paintings and the result can be seen below.


b10 b9 b8 b7

Thanks to Bob and Kim for giving me the opportunity to do this project. It was an absolute pleasure and I wish you years of enjoyment in your new theater room!

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