Niche Market




A mural doesn’t necessarily have to be the center of attention. Nor does it have to occupy the entire room. Sometimes a mural can be a small touch of interest or merely a supporting backdrop to something else. The tromp l’oeil niche has been a popular request over the years and is always an interesting talking point. It’s a great way to utilize an awkward corner and can be personalized however you want.



The trompe l’oeil niche can be filled with anything you like! The image above shows a niche painted on a curved wall. The decorative paneling below the niche is also painted. The following examples show a few delicate examples.


niched nicheg

nicheh jug

Of course, flowers are always a popular theme for such pieces, especially when you don’t have to water them.

nichee  nichei

In the piece below, this difficult wall section is painted to look like stone block with a handy cubby beneath the stairs for urns, logs, herbs and garlic!




Or perhaps a model ship?



If all else fails, hit the bottle!

rhodes1 bachus6  bachus3max

If you already have a niche you can paint that too. Art niches do better with some context.



And some niches aren’t niches at all. This tromp l’oeil curio cabinet houses an array of personal memorabilia.


As does this rather more involved tromp l’oeil book-case designed to match the real ones adjacent to them. This is what the wall looked like before the mural was painted.


And after.


This elaborate mural was recently completed and was filled with items which had personal significance to the home owner.

So have fun with your awkward corners. There’s always room for a niche somewhere.

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