Ambiance- The Character and Atmosphere of Place

My new show “Ambiance-The Character and Atmosphere of Place” will Open at Cole Gallery, (107 5th Ave S. in Edmonds) on July 12th. I invite everyone to join us for a reception from 6.30 to 8.30 at the gallery to see the new collection of paintings.

This series continues my exploration of atmosphere and mood but puts more emphasis on subtlety.  Sixteen new pieces reflect a slight change in direction for me, becoming less concerned with specific details of the scene and more focused on capturing an overall sense of how the scene “feels”. Ambiance.

In conjunction with the new show I’m launching my new fine art website, . Here you can see all the new and available work, together with past pieces. You can also stay informed about upcoming classes, demonstrations and events and can purchase paintings, order prints and commission pieces. There’s also a “first dibs” feature where you can sign up to be one of the first to preview new paintings as they are completed.

I’m also proud to announce that the new show is featured in the July edition of “American Art Collector Magazine” (pg. 132-3).

Below is a preview of the show, but I encourage you to see the new work in person at Cole Gallery from July 12th – August 18th. Hope to see you there on opening night!


morning blues 20x16 oil on canvas 1,450


“Morning Blues” 20×16 is the smallest of the collection and depicts Kingston harbor before sunrise.

Serenity 72x48 oil on canvas 6,950


“Serenity” 48 x 72. The timeless view of the Olympic Mountains from the top of Edmonds Bowl is shrouded in a golden mist in this early spring sunset.

san juan sunset 24x36 oil on canvas

“San Juan Sunset” 24 x 36, captures the last sunlight of the day on the west coast of Whidbey Island.


old barn sunset 40x30 oil on canvas 3,450

This beautiful old barn on Lowell Rd., just east of Everett, WA, looks out over the Snohomish River Valley as the sun rises on a summer morning. 30 x 40

new light 24x30 oil on canvas 2,350


The Skagit Valley never ceases to provide fabulous lighting conditions and opportunities for minimalist landscape. This series of paintings are drawn from numerous visits to the area and reflect some wonderful northwest weather! Above is “New light” 24 x 30

barnstorm 30x40 oil on canvas 3,450

“Barn Storm” 30 x 40

after the rain 28x22, oil on canvas 2,150 (2)

“After the Rain” 22 x 28

Jack's pass 30x30 oil on canvas 2,950

“Jack’s Pass” 30 x 30 shows a serenely misty view from around Stephen’s Pass. So why Jack’s Pass? My son (Jack) snapped the reference shot for this painting from a moving car as we headed over to Eastern Washington. Nice job Jack!

The following two paintings show the view looking west from the Saanich Peninsular in BC. This particular body of water is sheltered and shallow and makes for some fascinating misty mornings.

morning mist 24x36 oil on canvas 3,250

“Morning Mist” 24 x 36

calm 22x28 oil on canvas 2,150

“Calm” 22 x 28

headed home 18x24 oil on canvas $1750

Of course, the Puget sound is our own constant source of inspiration and this painting, together with the one below are both based on some remarkably still and chilly mornings journeying back and forth from Edmonds to Kingston. Above is “Headed Home” 18 x 24



evening blues 24x30 oil on canvas 2,350


“Evening Blues” 24 x 30




electric blue 36x24 oil on canvas 3,450

My Fascination with clouds will never die. “Electric Blue” 24 x 36


copper sky 20x24 oil on canvas

“Copper Sky” 20 x 24


convergence 20x60 oil on canvas

“Convergence” 20 x 60


cloud 40x30 oil on canvas


“Transcendence”   30 x 40

sweep 12x24 oil on canvas $1,450


“Sweep” 12 x 24

If you have any questions about any of these pieces or if you’d like to see any work in person please contact me at or at 206 579 3211, or visit Cole Gallery in downtown Edmonds. Thank you!


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