To Idaho they go!

Tomorrow (Wednesday July 30th) I take eight paintings over to Idaho to The Painter’s Chair Gallery. Potentially the last chance locally if anyone is interested in any of these pieces. I’m here today if you want to see them.

flooded field acrylic on canvas 48in x 36in

“Flooded Field” acrylic on canvas 36×48


Settling in Birch Bay small 96x36, oil on canvas


“Settling in – Birch Bay” oil on canvas  36×96

andy eccleshall calm before

“Calm Before” Acrylic on canvas 24×30



arbutus2 16x20 oil on canvas $1,450 arbutus1 24x30 oil on canvas $2,250 arbutus3 16x20 oil on canvas $1,450

“Arbutous 1, 2 and 3 oil on canvas



hightower ampa, 48x60 oil on canvas 4250

“Hightower” oil on canvas 60×72


Shifting Horizons


“Shifting Horizons” oil on canvas 36×48

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