Out of this world!


Last week’s project was one of the most unusual I’ve ever tackled, and a first for me.

My client is slowly transforming his garage into the flight deck of the Jupiter 2 space craft from the old TV series “Lost in Space”. He has a long history of professional sci-fi make up and model making and is something of a technical wizard so his creations are extremely convincing, down to Robby the Robot himself.

As part of the project, scenery was required for the three large windows in the front of the craft so designs were produced to try and capture what he had in mind. With some adjustments we landed on the right composition.

Below is a before and after shot of the windows and some detail shots. This is the first time I’ve painted any kind of space mural and it was great fun. Upon completion and varnishing, the stars were over painted with glow paint so that when the lights are out, there is still the effect of a starry night sky through the window.

Thanks for the opportunity!




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