Capitol Hill Restoration

Restoration work can be very rewarding. Taking something which has obviously been abused or neglected and successfully bringing it back to it’s original state feels very good. Below are some before/during and after shots of some old murals in the Sheffield Condominiums building on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

In the picture below you can see the patches left after all the loose paint was removed from this mural. Moisture damage had caused the adhesion of the paint to fail in some areas. The following shot shows the completed repairs.

IMG_9184 s2


The big “smudge” seen in the mural below is the result of a poorly executed repair from some point in the past. A little color adjustment took care of the problem.



The following mural was by far the most abused. Someone had actually punched three holes in the wall (obviously not a fan of English Landscape painting). After filling the holes, the plaster was textured using the tip of a brush to match the texture of the existing wall and then the details were repainted.

IMG_8873s6  s8

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