Edmonds Art Studio Tour

It’s time for the  Edmonds Art Studio Tour once again. I swear it feels like 6 months since the last one!! The tour is open Saturday and Sunday September 20th/21st from 10am to 5pm. The tour map and information on all the studios can be found by visiting the tour website at www.edmondsartstudiotour.com

Our studio is #20 and it’ll be filled with original art, giclee prints and work in progress. For the tour weekend only, we will be offering 10% of all original art in the studio. A limited amount of giclees will be on display and order forms will be available for those who wish to order additional prints. We’ll also have refreshments and (if the weather’s kind) somewhere to sit and relax outside in the garden.

Below are some of the original paintings which will be on display and prints available for order. All giclee prints are gallery wrap and are strictly limited editions of 100, each signed and numbered. Please contact me directly if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you all!

Original art:

Trinity Rising 5'x14' Midnight at noon, 22x28 oil on canvas $2700 salt creek vista 28x22 oil on canvas $2700

sweep 12x24 oil on canvas $1,450 san juan sunset 24x36 oil on canvas

new light 24x30 oil on canvas 2,350

cloud 40x30 oil on canvas

morning mist 24x36 oil on canvas 3,250


evening at Lyons Ferry acrylic on canvas 24x18 flooded field acrylic on canvas 48in x 36in

highforcea flier4

evening blues 24x30 oil on canvas 2,350 morning shroud, 36x24 oil on canvas $3,250 copy

Saanich 72x36 oil on canvas $6,850

winter birch 36x36 acrylic on canvas $3550



sweep 12x24 oil on canvas $1,450 old barn sunset 40x30 oil on canvas 3,450

morning blues 20x16 oil on canvas 1,450

Jack's pass 30x30 oil on canvas 2,950  calm 22x28 oil on canvas 2,150

barnstorm 30x40 oil on canvas 3,450

convergence 20x60 oil on canvas

silent light 40x40 acrylic on canvas winter birch 36x36 acrylic on canvas $3550

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