Commissioning a commission…

As a full time working artist I wear a several hats. I am a small business owner who paints murals, a fine artist and a teacher.

Another hat is that of a commissioned artist. Painting commissions somewhat combines the other hats. It is a fine art piece, into which I put my own interpretation and style, but it is also driven by the desires of a client. Be it a favorite view, a certain mood etc, the initial inspiration comes from someone else, not me. In this way a commission is similar to a mural project in that it is a designed piece, meeting the requirements of a client. It differs however in its execution, normally painted in oil on canvas with additional input from me. When a client requests a painting they want me to do it in my way, they commission the piece because they like my “style”. Whereas a mural could be painted in any number of different styles to suit the design brief.

There is also some education involved as the commissioner will often need to be taught how the process works and how a painting progresses. They will often be involved in the initial design stages so that they can be sure the idea I am working on is the one they have in mind.

Sometimes the client will have something very specific in mind, a specific scene or event perhaps that they want to capture. Other times they may have liked a previous painting which is no longer available or perhaps is too large for their home and they would like something similar. Either way, an initial image is presented to make sure everyone is on the same page.

The price of the commission will typically be the same as any other of my paintings of the same size, plus 15%-20% to cover additional design time.

The project should be fun and rewarding for everyone involved. From the first meeting to the delivery of the painting I try to make it a relaxed and enjoyable process. To talk about a commission you have in mind or to see the complete collection of currently available paintings please visit

Below is a selection of  commissions from the last few years.

albert copy

“Albert” Oil on Canvas

luke's pass

“Luke’s Pass” Oil on canvas

rainier meadowb

“Rainier Meadow” oil on canvas


“Shuksan” Oil on canvas

Sunrise at Tipsoo two, 24x 18 oil on canvas 1,700

“Tipsoo Sunrise II” Oil on canvas


“Dabob Bay” Oil on canvas

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