Trompe L’oeil Wine Cellar!!!!

2017 was a great year for wine cellar murals! I had the opportunity to create two new rooms and completely indulge myself in details.

I thought it would be fun to follow the process of one of these two rooms with some before/after and progress shots. If you have any questions about these murals or would like to investigate the possibility of transforming your own space you can always reach me at and see a collection of the mural work at

Below is a shot of the room as it looked before work commenced. The future positions of the wine racks have been located and the floor tile has been selected. Once we’ve established the design for the mural I  begin to lay out viewing angles and perspective.


Here you can see the early stages of the trompe l’oeil wine cellar. The string is attached to a push pin which marks the vanishing point for this part of the mural. This vanishing point is based on the viewing angle as you first enter the room.



At this stage many of the details within this portion of the mural are established. The wine bottles and kegs are labeled with names that have particular meaning to the client. The floor is based in and will wait for the installation of the actual tile before being matched to the color and pattern.


In this shot you can see how the room is laying out. The cabinet at the back of the room is unpainted at this stage. The two arched doorways on either side, together with the suggestion of a storage space behind them are painted onto the wall. The trim has been added around the trompe l’oeil wine cellar and the woodwork is ready to be faux painted.


20171128_112428 (2)

The faux wood style is drawn from other pre-existing wood elements in the area.

20171129_130635 (2)

The trim is complete and the trompe l’oeil hardware has been added to the doors.


Here’s a close up shot of some of the hardware details.


Work begins on the cabinet.

20171130_122519 (2)


Within the panels of the cabinet I’ve painted faux marquetry. (This was a ton of fun by the way).


Now that the tile has been installed I can begin laying out the pattern on the floor of the trompe l’oeil wine cellar.


With the floor transition is made, paying careful attention to color matching and perspective, I can now begin to focus on the walls. The whole space will be painted to look like old stucco and brick. I begin by scumbling over the entire surface.


Here is the finished effect of brick and stucco.


In another corner I add another fun trompe l’oeil feature.



And finally…the ceiling. The ceiling is painted to look like old plaster. I wanted to add some intrigue but did not want to cause any distractions or overwhelm the space with too many more details. I decided to add some “ghost writing” by layering a series of old wine label style motifs and washing back over them with the ceiling colors. You really have to look carefully to spot these which is exactly what I was going for.



And finally, with the wine racks installed, the room is complete. IMG_4595IMG_4610

This project took a total of about three and a half weeks to complete.

Another wine cellar from last year had it’s own set of unique challenges. The floor of the space is beautifully tiled and made for an interesting transition into the wall. This was an incredibly fun challenge. Following the painting of these murals the room is being trimmed out with aged wood which will complete the effect. Once the room is finished I will return to take final photos.


The style for this room is old west/pioneer saloon. The entire space will be turned into a bar room and the murals act as extensions of the space. In the image above, a corridor acts as wine storage with another series of rooms beyond. The light coming through the windows on the left adds another interesting element and help with the sense of perspective and distance.



In this mural, an entire bar has been added. The actual bar in the room will be built to reflect the style of the one in the mural, keeping the same theme and style throughout the space.

Thank you for visiting the blog today. If you would like to see more, please consider visiting my website . I’m always happy to talk with you about your project and to see what creative mischief we can get up to! Have fun!



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